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Tweet´s Diary

Tweet is a little bird, the central character of the series. Every day she learns something new from the experiences the day brings, and every evening she writes about it in her diary. Tweet’s family are farmers: her father grows cereals in his fields and fruit in his orchard. Her mother works with her father on the farm, and is well known for her Internet video channel, where she demonstrates how to make delicious cakes and jams. In her diary, Tweet writes about the experiences she has had with her classmates, her family, her neighbors and her friends. Viewers will identify with the situations Tweet finds herself in because they’re everyday stories, told with a sense of humor.


Eric and Bel are two brothers who spend hours at their parents' farm. But what they like the most is to play in the forest, where they will experience all kinds of adventures surrounded by magical and legendary characters that inhabit this environment. They are always accompanied by their pet named
̈Teia ̈ who "poops" apparently useless objects but which will end up being essential in the adventures.

Super Random Stories

In a world of fantasy, magic and nature overflowing.
Anurb, a human girl, and Kihara, a female monster  who works as a mother,  live all kinds of adventures without any concern, until an unexpected meeting  embarks them on a journey that will put their love and  conception of the world in which they live to the test...

Coordinate all the famous tales' illustrations for an international  coproduction - Video Book project to be shown in different platforms. Each design holds a different artistic style with a unique art concept. 

Famous Tales

The little ones can easily identify with 3Friends… They are conceived as interactive elements that transmit those everyday situations, experiences and small conflicts that all preschool boys and girls can experience in one way or another.


Situations are presented in a fun way, which draws children’s attention and at the same time
promotes cooperative and respectful attitudes towards children, friends, family and the environment.


ONES WEB-06_edited.png

© Scared Ghost S.L.

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